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There are a lot of supplemental nursing platforms out there, and choosing one can be overwhelming. We want to help make it easier ❤️

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99.25% NCLEX® Pass Rate

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Nursing Cheatsheets

Patent Pending NCLEX Simulation

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NCLEX Question Bank


Nursing Cheatsheets


Patent Pending NCLEX Simulation

Personalized Study Plans

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Test Taking Strategies

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Most Popular Lessons

Gravidity and Parity (G&Ps, GTPAL)

Nursing Care and Patho for Heart Failure (CHF)

Nursing Care and Pathophysiology for Heart Failure (CHF)

Dimensional Analysis Nursing (dosage calculations/med math)

Nursing med math

Nursing Care and Pathophysiology of Pneumonia

Nursing Care and Pathophysiology of Pneumonia

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Students Improve Their Lowest Grade by 11.6% on Average

Concise Video Courses

Cut the fluff and fill in the gaps with clear and concise video lectures by practicing nurses.

Free Nursing Cheat Sheets

Visual Study Tools

Unlock the master key to nursing school with thousands of visual study tools like cheat sheets and Picmonics.

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NCLEX® Practice Questions​

Practice over 6,500+ high yield NCLEX® style questions written by nurses who are NCSBN® trained question writers.​

Global Rank​

Know exactly how you compare with other nursing students with the question Global Rank.

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Boost your exam scores with study plan playlists made just for you. group photo students

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When you join you become part of the Nursing Family. The most supportive nursing cohort on the planet.

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Study anytime - anywhere with the mobile app. Listen to lectures, watch videos, and take practice questions on your phone.​

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Clear, Concise, Visual Video Courses

Improve your lowest course grade by 11.6%

That is the average improvement students see on their lowest course grade

We've cut the fluff and help you engage with concise visual lessons to help you gain a much deeper understanding of each nursing concept.

Whether you are in a flipped classroom, concept based program, or whatever, is so easy to navigate that you can jump right in and start learning.

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Included courses (over 2,500+ lessons)​

Visual Study Tools​

master content with visual learning tools for every learning style​

35% of students are visual learners and 55% have anxiety, ADHD, dyslexia or other learning difference

Each lessons includes quick access to learning tools like nursing cheatsheets, care plans, downloadable notes and more. Make the material stick like glue with over 2,500+ resources.

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NPQ - Nursing Practice Questions®

Unlock better scores with NCLEX® style review questions

That is the average improvement students see on their lowest course grade

Walk out of the NCLEX® feeling like you just took a first grade spelling test.

They say practice makes perfect. You don't become a professional athlete the first time you step on a field and you don't become a pro at NCLEX® prep questions the first time you answer a question.

Our question team of research analysts and NCSBN® trained NCLEX® question writers have spent years developing over 6,500+ practice questions (we call it NPQ or Nursing Practice Questions) covering the most high yield topics you need to know for the NCLEX®.

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