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If you pass a SIMCLEX® and don’t pass the NCLEX ® we’ll give you a full refund . . . PLUS that same amount

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200% NCLEX Pass Guarantee

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My grades have skyrocketed and the time I spend studying has literally cut in half.

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Mercedes, RN

"I went from a discouraged, stressed, cried every single week nursing student to someone who is motivated and passionate . . . NURSING.com was just so much easier."

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Gina, RN

Thank you so much for yanking me out of the quick sand and making me successful. I wish I had started this day 1 of nursing school.

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So, Why NURSING.com?

Let’s face it — studying the old way with textbooks, wasting time searching videos on YouTube, or trying to trust shady websites just doesn't work.

That’s Where NURSING.com Comes In.

NURSING.com is a classroom and NCLEX supplement backed up by a patented computer adaptive NCLEX simulator (SIMCLEX) and powered by thousands of videos, cheatsheets, study tools, and practice questions to fit YOUR learning style all taught by real-life practicing nurses.

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NURSING.com Is Your Secret Weapon For Success

In the last year, 26,980 nursing students have passed SIMCLEX. Of those, 26,778 passed the NCLEX.
That's a 99% NCLEX pass rate 🤯

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With NURSING.com

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For Visual, Anxious, ADHD, And Dyslexic Learners

We believe strongly in learner equity, in that, we believe every student should have the support they need to be successful. Intelligence should not be measured simply by how well someone reads, sits still, or feels confident volunteering in class. Our pedagogy, the Core Content Mastery Method is designed to optimize equity for all students.

Nursing school is so text based. In fact to read a Med-Surg book cover to cover during a semester, it would take an average reader would have to read 41 hours/week. This while only 4.2% of learners are text based learners.

The NURSING Family Celebrates Differences

But That's Not All NURSING.com Does. . .

NURSING.com Gives You Everything You Need To Pass Your Tests And Improve Your Grades

All In One Convenient Spot!

NURSING.com Is...

Your NCLEX Simulator (SIMCLEX)

Look, taking a practice exam is worthless unless it actually mimics the NCLEX algorithms. Enter SIMCLEX, our patented NCLEX simulation software that mimics the rules and algorithms used in the actual exam.

With SIMCLEX, you get

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NURSING.com Is...

Your Video Lectures

We cut the fluff so you don't have to. Our proven teaching method slices through the information and helps you master core content. Instructors are actual practicing nurses.

With video lectures, you get

NURSING.com Is...

Your Textbook

Textbooks are boring. 35% of NURSING.com users STOP using their textbooks altogether. Enjoy books, NURSING.com includes 8 eBooks on topics like pharmacology, labs, mnemonics, and more.

With NURSING.com, you get

NURSING.com Is...

Your Question App

Let's face it. finding affordable and trustworthy question banks is a problem. With Nursing Practice Questions (NPQ) you get an enormous bank of questions you can trust PLUS rationales and stats to back it up.

With NPQ, you get

NURSING.com Is...

Your NCLEX Prep

It's all right here. No need to purchase another app. Improve your grades, pass your tests, and even prepare for the NCLEX all inside NURSING.com

With NURSING.com NCLEX Prep, you get

NURSING.com Is...

Your Nursing School Notes

All lessons include pre-formatted printable notes so you can follow along with the teacher. All notes are formatted using the proven Cornell Note Taking Method.

With NURSING.com, you get

NURSING.com Is...

Your Cheatsheets

55% of NURSING.com learners are visual learners so we've stocked the site FULL of colorful, downloadable, printable nursing cheatsheets that cut through the fluff and make the content clear and concise.

NURSING.com cheatsheets are

NURSING.com Is...

Your Study Resource

55% of NURSING.com users are visual learners. And 35% stop using their textbooks altogether after joining NURSING.com. You get access to thousands of study tools and resources.

Your study resources include

NURSING.com Gives You Everything You Need To Succeed In Nursing School

On The NCLEX, And In Your Life As A Nurse. . .

Simulation NCLEX

Simulate the actual computer adaptive NCLEX with the patented SIMCLEX

200% NCLEX Pass Guarantee

If you pass a SIMCLEX® and don’t pass the NCLEX ® we’ll give you a full refund . . . PLUS that same amount​

Video Lessons

Clear, concise, and visual video lessons that cut the fluff

Practice Questions

6,500+ NCLEX style practice questions (including NextGen) written by trained question writers

Study Tools

Supplement lessons with mnemonics, Picmonics, images, and more


Colorful and concise nursing cheatsheets

Mobile App

Study anywhere with the fully equipped mobile app that syncs your progress


8 eBooks + a comprehensive NCLEX review ebook

NCLEX Study Schedules

2, 4, 6, and 12 week study guides to help you prep

Global Rank

See how you compare with nursing students from all over

Entire Nurse Journey

Courses covering pre-nursing, nursing school, NCLEX prep, and new grad nursing

Private Group

We're all in this together - join the private group

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