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Leading NCLEX review services do not publish NCLEX pass rates, at, we believe you deserve to know. Review services are expensive, and making an informed decision is important.


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What does this number mean?

Since 2016 we’ve offered a 200% money back refund to users who pass a SIMCLEX® but do not pass the NCLEX®.

In a randomized review of 8,999 users, we have provided this refund to only 0.14% students!

However, to be even MORE precise we isolated just takers of the SIMCLEX® compared to refunds. Within this isolated group, we have only refunded 0.99% of SIMCLEX® takers for an isolated NCLEX pass rate of 99.01%.

Why do we actually publish not only our pass rate, but also how we obtain it?

1) We want you to feel confident in your decision to study with

2) We are confident that our teaching methods and style are the best way for you to study that we back it up with $$.

3) If you don't pass. We've failed. Isn't that the job of a teacher? You are paying us to learn. We take that seriously.

Obviously, we can not be 100% sure that every user that failed the NCLEX reported back to us to request the Money-back guarantee.

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